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Hey everyone!

So if you read my post yesterday, you know that I'm no longer going to be writing about fantasy basketball everyday on this site. But... I'm not going away completely. I'll chime in with a random fantasy post from time to time, or, I may come in with a post about something completely foreign to fantasy hoops. Either way, just know that I'm not abandoning Broken Leagues. (And also, you're all more than welcome to ask me any fantasy questions you may have in the comments section of the most recent post, per usual.)

And because this site isn't going to die, I decided to do something I've wanted to do for a while on here, as a way to sort of lighten the mood. If you've been on here for any length of time, you know that I use a lot of art on this site. After a considerable amount of effort, I've compiled an awesome collection of illustrations from professional artists that can be used any time I post something -- which is awesome. But here's the thing: I actually have too much art. I have amassed so many illustrations of Michael Jordan and LeBron James and Kobe Bryant and James Harden that at my current rate, I'll just never be able to get to them all.

However, these pieces of art deserve to have their day in the sun, because they're all quite excellent. So... I've decided to display a slew of them all at once in a segment I call "Art En Masse." Today's subject: Kobe Bryant. Feast your eyes on the following illustrations which I have been given permission to use on Broken Leagues. Also, enjoy!

(Courtesy of Wang Tao: Who wouldn't love to see a one-on-one duel between the old Kobe and the new Kobe?)
(Courtesy of Ptitecao Studio: The smartest thing Kobe ever did was reinvent himself with a catchy nickname.)
(Courtesy of Krzysztof Domaradzki/Nike: Hocus pocus, keep your eyes on the ball.)
(Courtesy of Mike Harrison/Nike: Real men wear purple.)
(Courtesy of Neto78: Jafar, eat your heart out.)
(Courtesy Davide Barco: It reads like a backhanded compliment, but coming from MJ, it means something.)
(Courtesy of Tyson Beck/Posterizes: Here's Kobe as a Duke player, as if Coach K needed more W's.)

(Courtesy of Roger Huang/Posterizes: Remember when Kobe had the mini-fro? He should totally bring that back.)
(Courtesy of Maddison Bond: He looks so serene when he's not glaring ominously at players.)
(Courtesy of Sebastian Correa: Gaze at the cloud of destruction left in the wake of his dunks.)
(Courtesy of tmaclabi: Remember when Kobe demanded a trade and was nearly shipped to Chicago? Me neither.)
(Courtesy of Gihoon Hong: Behold the cuteness of chibi Kobe Bryant!)
(Courtesy of Ptitecao Studio: 24 is one more than 23. I can't help but think that's why Kobe wears it...)
(Courtesy of Melvin Rodas: I gotta say, I don't know how to feel about Kobe's, uh... phallic logo.)
(Courtesy of Michal Cwiek: Graphing greatness.)
(Courtesy of Gihoon Hong: Cartoon Kobe wants to devour your soul.)
(Courtesy of Art Mobb: The Black Mamba in a Team USA uni.)
(Courtesy of Mike Harrison/Nike: Kobe... with a lil' bit of LeBron thrown in for variety.)
(Courtesy of Maddison Bond: You know how you score 81 points in an NBA game? You do this.)
(Courtesy of Kumail Rizvi: Shocking, ain't it?)
(Courtesy of Roger Huang: Kobe V. Kobe, once again.)

(Courtesy of Stephen Calvillo: I've actually used this one once before, but figured I might as well repeat.)
(Courtesy of Timothy McAullife/ESPN: Another repeat, this time more gladiatorial.)
(Courtesy of Art Mobb: We all know Kobe would wear a crown in an NBA game if he were allowed to.)
(Courtesy of YihTak Wong: Kobe's other, less-well-known snake-like nickname: "Vino.")


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